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Stricho World is a hair transplantation center, situated at the Compund of Sai Mangalam Hospital,Tansen Nagar, Gwalior(M.P.) & it is established with the motive of providing best hair solutions to the patients. Dr. Anil Kushwanshi holds a team of experts for this job. Stricho World has latest and updated machines for better and effective treatment. Stricho World provides solution for all kinds of hair transplantation like Scalp hair transplantation, Moustache hair transplantation, Beard hair transplantation, Eyebrow hair transplantation & Body hair transplantation using lates FUE technique. We takes care of our patient from end to end & maintains the track record of complete process to gain the desired result. Stricho World have applied several transplantation surgeries with proven results.

Patients can directly contact the clinic or we have provided the facility of online consultation to save your time & to regulary keep in touch. so feel free to contact us.

Dr. Anil Kushwansi

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