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Facial hair loss may occur due to various reasons such as genetics, burns ,injury, electrolysis,surgery laser hair removal etc.Transplantation can vary from small area filling of limited area to complete restoration of beard or goatee.This procedure can be applied on the area where there is no hair or hair growth is very less and dense beard is desired. The procedure can vary in number of grafts required like: 350-500 grafts for the mustache, 600-700 grafts for a full goatee, 200-250 grafts for each sideburn, and 300-700 grafts for a cheek beard.. Facial hair transplantation is similar to the hair transplantation of head as the donor hairs comes from the scalp.The site used depends on the closest match to the facial hair, it may be the back of the scalp or side of the scalp.After transplantation, hairs grow as permanent and grow in similar texture of facial hair.and they are ready to be shaved regularly.


Stricho World gives you the best and unique solution for beard hair transplant .we are the experts in facial hair transplant. Facial hair transplant saw a significant growth in past year.The scalp hair resembles the most with the original beard hair.Human body does not contain hair that is as thick as beard hair.Beard hair has the property of growing individually.Follicile of hair also contains single hair,while hair of head almost grows in two to three hairs groups.


Moustache hair transplant is similar to the transplant of beard hair.The procedure used for transplanting moustache hair is similar to beard hair transplant.

At Stricho World hair transplantation center, we assures you for young & attractive moustache face look.we use FUE moustache hair transplant technique to restore damaged or less grown moustache hairs.


Full, shapely and well formed eye brows are don't often noticed by us—and it becomes ironic that thin or minimal brows can draw attention to someone's face.It is the problem that is faced commonly by females.

At Stricho World hair transplantation center,we offers you the best treatment for the damaged or incompletely grown eye brows. We follow FUE eye brow hair transplantation technique to give your face a better look with natural & attractive looking eye brows.

The success of the transplantation requires the experience and training for permanent results, and we feel proud & confident with our renowned team experts to perform FUE Eye brow hair transplants.

Dr. Anil Kushwansi

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