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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is hair transplant?

Ans. It is a method of hair restoration in which one's hair from the back and sides of the head are extracted and implanted on front in the bald area.

Q2. Who can undergo hair transplant?

Ans. Any person more than 23 years with baldness.

Q3. What are the various techniques of hair restoration?

Ans. Hair transplant is done by :-

Q4. Which is the minimal invasive way of hair transplantation?

Ans. FUE Technique

Q5. When will the affect of treatment comes in view?

Ans. The hair start regrowing after 3-4 months. Full growth is usually appreciable after 10-12 months.

Q6. What is the life of transplanted hair?

Ans. Life time

Q7. How much time it will take for me to go to work after operation?

Ans. You can go to work next day of operation.

Dr. Anil Kushwansi

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