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The working area and process is almost same for both the extraction techniques (FUE & FUT) but they differ in regard to the scarring left after the surgery in the donor area. FUT transplant technique is an strip extraction technique which leaves a narrow scar line on the back of the scalp, while after FUE transplant technique micro-scars looks like little dots are left.


Approximately 1000-5000 follicular units are required to be treated in general. Hair density of 30 - 90 FUs per cm² can be achieved with both transplant techniques operated under ideal conditions, and will provide best results.


Grafts can still become damaged during transplantation even after being extracted optimally. It may result in lowest number of grafts taking root. Stricho World assures you that we have a team of expert hair surgeons to perform these surgeries to reduce the possibility of grafts damaging by implanting the proper number of grafts at the proper places. All the surgeons we have are skilled and meet the standards to perform such operations. We provide you the natural looking hair density. The right depth and incision angle plays important role in the surgery as these are crucial points to be noticed and the focus should be on hairline.

Hair Loss/Shock Loss

The hair loss in the transplanted area occurs 2-6 weeks after the operation. It affects mainly the area under which the hairs are transplanted & also the existing hair. Most of the transplanted hairs fall out after second or third week after hair restoration surgery. This happens in almost every patient.

This hair loss process is very normal. Due to weakening, only hairs after transplantation falls out, hair roots remain in place, gaining the strength and producing new hairs after 3-6 months. It also applies in the area where hairs are already growing in the transplantation area before the transplant.

The Survival Rate of Follicular Units/Grafts

Utmost care is to be provided for the transplanted grafts as they are very sensitive towards survival.

The handling of FU's are to be taken care between extraction and implantation are very important.

Grafts extracted through FUE technique are more sensitive. This ultimately leads to a slightly lower survival rate.

Both the techniques have the possibility of damage to hair follicles influencing their survival rate, as well as a worse rooting rate, when the work is not performed in an optimal manner. This is the reason why it is needed the right hair surgeon for the success of any hair transplant and Stricho World, advanced hair transplant center is the right place for all your worries.

Which one to choose

Both techniques - FUE and FUT - have excellent success rate, the hair transplantation surgeon is the only one who can consult you to opt for best in both for you. There are various circumstances to be kept in consideration before decision like to assess future natural hair loss, the density & quality of existing hair, and most important is the hair structure. The surgeon must also be able to decide the number of grafts to be extracted needed for successful treatment; he should be able to guide the patient for the alternatives such as medication-based therapy. In addition of this, various tests needed to be done before any recommendation for any extraction method.

An FUE is best for patients who wants no the linear scar at any cost, and for young patients who requires only minor treatment. Moreover, FUE is the best choice in transplanting the body hair or when corrective/reconstructive hair surgery is involved. The patients who have very little donor hair, FUE is best to choose.

Though both extraction techniques allow the same number of hairs extraction, there is one major difference. 4000 - 5000 FUs can be extracted in single session, under FUT technique. The respective figure for FUE is 3000 - 3500 FUs. The second operation will be needed in FUE technique to achieve the same number of FUs to take place approx. 6 months later. Both the techniques have to achieve hair density of (30 - 90 FUs per cm²).

The success of any FUE or FUT transplant depends on the training, experience, techniques and technology, ability, and expertise of the hair transplantation surgeon: though both extraction techniques require extensive experience, the FUE extraction technique has a huge demand.

Cost for the Surgery

please contact the clinic for updated cost of the surgery.

Dr. Anil Kushwansi

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