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To a successful hair transplant, it is necessary to achieve natural-looking hairline and proper hair density without any clue of surgery. Now a days hair research centers have achieved various methods which provides complete naturalness. Through increasingly smaller grafts, a greater amount of hairs can now be extracted and transplanted.

  • Scalp hair transplant

  • Beard hair transplant

  • Moustaches hair transplant

  • Eye-brow hair transplant

We have mainly two techniques in the field of hair transplantation, FUT and FUE. The main difference between the two lies is in the way of extracting the follicle units.

In FUT Technique, the strip technique is used, using which a strip of the scalp including hairs on it is taken from the back of the head, with subsequently extracting its hair follicles. In FUE, individual follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp. The method of extraction is one of the most important fact in hair transplant surgery. The focus is on quality of the hair roots, as it play a vital role in determining whether the grafts take root.

In the FUE extraction method, the size of the punch needles plays a vital role. We can minimize the damage to the donor area by choosing the right size. the finer the punch needle used, the less damage is caused to the skin in the donor area and the less visible the extraction is. After extraction, the selected hair roots need to be carefully prepared.

Dr. Anil Kushwansi

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